Wedding Register: Frequently Asked Questions

When can I announce my engagement in Mississippi Magazine?

Mississippi Magazine is offering half-page engagement announcements in every issue! Couples who wish to
share their happy news with our readers should submit announcement materials by the 10th of the odd-numbered month
before the issue date. For example, to be included in the January/February issue, submission forms must be received by November 10. Click here to submit your materials and write up. 

How do I submit an anniversary announcement?

Mississippi Magazine is offering full-page anniversary announcements in every issue! Couples who wish to
share their happy news with our readers should submit announcement materials by the 10th of the odd-numbered month
before the issue date. For example, to be included in the January/February issue, submission forms must be received by November 10. Click here to submit your materials and write up. 

There are six layout options now?
Yes! For those who prefer a formal write-up (as have typically been featured in the past), that same option is available. But for those who would rather focus on the photos and only touch on the highlights in caption form, there are new layouts available! See the examples here. For a one-page announcement, there is one formal write-up option and two pictorial options. For a two-page announcement, there are two-formal write-up options—one with four photos and one with six, depending on the size and number of photos you would like to use.
When can I submit my wedding for the 2024 Wedding Register?

We will begin taking submissions for the 2024 Wedding Register on March 1. If you submit your wedding before our early deadline, July 31, you will save $100 on your announcement! The final deadline for the 2024 Wedding Register is October 1.

How much does it cost to be in the Wedding Register?

The early deadline for the 2022 Wedding Register is July 31.

A one-page announcement is 595.00.

A two-page announcement is 1045.00.

These are early deadline prices. Prices increase by $100 after July 31

When is the Wedding Register published?
The Wedding Register is part of our January/February issue. It is usually mailed to subscribers the last week of December.


Can anyone be in the Wedding Register?
Yes. Any couple who purchases a page (or pages) and submits the required materials by the final deadline (October 1) will be included in the Wedding Register announcement section of the January/February issue of Mississippi Magazine.


What materials do I need to submit?

It depends on which layout option you choose. For all options, you will need high resolution photos in either .jpg or .tiff files. You will submit several photos from which the editorial staff will choose for your layout. For options that include a formal write-up, you will also need an article saved as a .doc or .docx file of either 400-450 or 850-900 words, depending on if you are submitting a one-page or two-page announcement. Once you choose your option and are redirected to that submission form, you will see a list of materials you will need for that specific option.

Can I send in my payment first and materials later?
Sorry, but no. All materials MUST be sent in together. This is to avoid any confusion.
How do I figure the word-count of my write up, and what happens if it's too long?

Word-processing programs have a word count tool which should be used to determine word count. Write ups that are too long to fit into the format will be cut at our discretion, so try to stay within the range (400-450 for a one-page announcement; 850-900 for a two-page announcement).


What is a high-resolution photo?
Rest assured, your photographer will know what type of files to give you. But in a nutshell, the photos need to be at least 300 dpi (dots per inch) at about 5″ x 7″. Do not send low resolution digital previews, and do not send prints or scans of prints. It is worth the effort to get digital photos from your photographer. You will be much happier with the print quality.


My wedding is after October 1 deadline. Will I have to wait until the following year to submit my wedding?
Yes. But don’t worry, you won’t be the only one. Most September-and-later weddings can’t be submitted until the following year because it’s impossible to get the photographs in time.


Will I get a proof of my page(s) before it prints?
Yes. You will be sent ONE .pdf file of your page(s) to the email address you provide on your form, so make sure it’s an email address you check often. It will be strictly for catching grave errors, such as name misspellings or incorrect photo credit. We cannot make simple preferential changes at that point, however it does give us a chance to make sure you didn’t accidentally spell your Great Aunt Tilly’s name wrong.
Will I get a copy of the January/February Wedding Register issue?

Yes. With every paid submission, two subscriptions are issued—one for the couple and one for the payor. So you AND the person who paid for your page (a 2-year concurrent subscription if the couple and the payor are the same) will receive a copy of the issue in their mailbox with our regular mailing, which goes out the last week of December. If you move between the time you register and the beginning of December, you must call the magazine to let us know your change of address or you may not get your magazine on time. 


I notice that in the Wedding Register, some weddings are given a large feature. Could my wedding be one of those?

Yes. All our features are chosen strictly from Wedding Register couples, and anyone who buys a page (or pages) in the Wedding Register section may also submit up to 50 photos to be considered for a wedding feature or a party (shower, engagement, rehearsal dinner, etc.) feature.

If you chose to submit for both a wedding and party feature, we would need 50 images from the wedding and an additional 50 images from your party (shower, engagement, rehearsal dinner, etc.).

If your wedding or party is selected for a full feature, we will contact you for a phone interview. In addition, to our features, we also choose several “mini-features,” for which we need no additional information.

For feature consideration photos, make sure you send the best, most unique details of your wedding and reception or your party. Keep posed “people” shots to a minimum. Imagine yourself as the reader. What photos and ideas would appeal to you?

What about the cover? Can I submit photos for that as well?
Of course! Wedding Register brides may also submit up to 10 photos to be considered for the cover. We mock up literally hundreds of cover possibilities every year. A few tips: Only send vertical photos for cover consideration. Horizontals will not be considered. Avoid effects such as lens-flare, fish-eye, or excessive Photoshop filters. It’s best to use clean, bright images.


Do I have to be from Mississippi to be on the cover or have a feature article?
No. We assume that all of our brides or grooms have some sort of meaningful tie to Mississippi, otherwise they would not spend their hard-earned money to submit their wedding to Mississippi Magazine. Therefore, anyone who submits will be considered on the merits of their photos and not excluded because of their hometown or the location of their wedding.


Whew! This is a lot to process. Can I talk to someone on the phone?

Of course! Feel free to call us at 601.982.8418, ext. 77 and we will be happy to talk you through it.