Combine fresh fruits and vegetables to fashion a turkey for a holiday display.

You will need:

Large platter

2 blocks floral foam

1 large pineapple with full, pretty greenery

2 bananas

2 small pears

2 small apples

1 yellow squash with good crook and small green stem

in place


2 whole cloves

Fresh boxwood or greenery that has been conditioned by soaking in water for several hours and then refrigerated in a plastic bag Several stems button mums Stack floral foam on a large platter. Round the corners with a knife, and place the removed pieces on each end of the platter. Secure them with toothpicks, forming a large oval as a base for the turkey body. Carve out a small indention in the top of the base to create a place for the large part of the pineapple to rest. Attach bananas with toothpicks to the sides of the pineapple for turkey wings. Place one pear and one apple below the banana to complete the wing. The pear creates the drumstick. Attach the squash for the neck and head with a toothpick. Add cloves for eyes, and arrange the boxwood and mums around the base. The turkey will last for 4 or 5 days.